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Dry, Reddened and Itchy Skin & Stinky Foot Kit + Healthy Nail Solution


PODO EXPERT by Allpremed® - Dry, Reddened and Itchy Skin Foot Foam + Healthy Nail Solution + Stinky Foot Kit

Complete solution for your feet, footwear and nails. This extensive kit will improve your dry, reddened, itchy skin while protecting your feet and footwear against unpleasant odours and help nourish and improve your nail integrity.

Combat cracked skin, cracked heels, callus and improved nail integrity at the same time! Use this combo to help restore soft skin and nourish your nails.

Eliminate unpleasant and annoying foot odours by effectively targeting bacteria that cause foot odour. Restore freshness and a pleasant scent to your feet after only a few seconds.

**Allpremed PODO EXPERT Foot Foams can be used between the toes and is safe for Diabetic use.**

Why Use PODO EXPERT by Allpremed®?

PODO EXPERT is the only Foot Care company that combines the innovative, patented LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology and the proven BarriorExpert® Foam Cream Technology for long-lasting skin regeneration.

BarrioExpert Foam Cream Technology:
The patented, breathable BarrioExpert® Technology creates a fine, protective mesh on the skin after application, which protects the skin against external factors and strengthens the skin barrier.

LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology:
Rapid repair of the damaged skin barrier due to LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology mimicking the skin’s own lipids, because skin-related lipids perfectly into the gaps of the skin barrier.

Healthy Nail Tincture
 PODO EXPERT by Allpremed®
Improves nail appearance and strength by using biotin and bamboo extract to strengthen and mineralize the nail plate. Use this nail tincture to moisturize the nail plate and keep a hygienic environment.

Directions: Use daily for improved nail integrity

Ingredients: Piroctone Olamine, Biotin & Bamboo Extract, Panthenol
Size: 50 mL

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