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Casual Customized Orthotic


Create a Customized Orthotic in THREE EASY STEPS:

1. Take a photo of the bottom of each foot with a coin ($0.10 or $0.25) taped to the middle of your foot. Foot must be in the center of the photo and the whole foot must be in the image.

2. Take a photo of the side of each foot with a coin ($0.10 or $0.25) taped to the ankle region of your foot. Foot must be on a smooth, flat surface and the whole foot must be in the image. For the best results, the person should be sitting in a chair and have their knee and ankle at a 90 degree angle. Please refer to the sample product images for an example of the foot photos.

Send us your photos to with your shoe size (please specify Men's, Women's or Youth) and coin used. If there is a problem with the photos, we will let you know.

3. In 2-3 weeks you will receive your customized orthotic! Simply remove the original insole from your shoe, ensure the length of your customized orthotic is the same as your shoe (if not, simply trim down to size), place into your shoe and start enjoying your new customized orthotic!!!


    Casual Customized Orthotic

    • Designed to improve comfort and reduce stress during daily activity
    • Semi-flexible shell for reduced stress on the arch and foot
    • Heel hole for improved comfort and cushioning
    • Durable 2mm Neoprene top-cover for improved shock absorption


    What are Orthotics?

    Orthotics can help support, align, prevent various foot conditions and help improve function of the foot. They work by controlling excessive motion, providing cushioning and reducing stress on the various foot structures such as the muscles, ligaments, nerves and the bones.

    What is the Difference between Over-the-counter, Custom-made and Customized Orthotics?

    Over-the-counter insoles may help improve cushioning but often they do not provide enough support since they were not made for your feet. Custom-made orthotics are made by obtaining a 3-dimensional mold of the foot, whether using Plaster of Paris, foam box or a 3D scanner. Custom-made orthotics able to provide cushioning and improved foot support but can be very expensive and unaffordable for many people.

    A customized orthotics can provide increased support and cushioning due to an improved arch fit. By using photos of your feet, the orthotic lab can customize an insole to better fit your foot type. This product can help improve comfort and improve foot function. A customized orthotic is not a custom-made orthotic because a true 3-dimensional mold of the foot was not taken.


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